3 Short Haircuts that will Rock in 2022


3 short haircuts that will rock in 2022

If you've decided to adopt short locks for next year, stay on top of these styles!

Changing your hair is usually a habit at the end of the year. That's because renewing the look gives that feeling of being new and changed for the coming year. So it's good to keep an eye on the cuts that will be trends , right? Speaking more specifically about summer , the preference for short locks is usually predominant, after all, the smaller the strands, the fresher we are! So, take a look at these 3 short haircuts that will rock in 2022 indicated by hairstylist Rodrigo Cintra and run to the salon!

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Shaggy hair

The peaked trend will continue on the rise next year, see? But the bet of the time is a more natural version, with curls and waves, that is, more movement for the hair! In this sense, the shaggy will bring wider locks to thin the length less.


Pixie with fringe

The pixie has already started to gain fans in 2021, such as actress Julia Lemmertz who adopted the cut to live Carmem in the soap opera "How much more life, better", by Rede Globo. But there are still 5 versions of it that can inspire a revamped look: straight, side, peaked, bardot and short. Whichever you choose, the big trend will be to add bangs to the pixie.



The 1980s and 1990s promise a reboot of trends for 2022. With that, the famous mullet comes back with everything — and to stay! It is worth mentioning that this cut has several versions, see? It ranges from short with layers at the top of the head to a more medium style with layers at the shoulder. Versatile!