Kristen Stewart: 4 Actress movies to watch besides Spencer


Kristen Stewart: 4 Actress movies to watch besides Spencer

Long before playing Lady Di, Kristen Stewart had already proven that she is a great actress and not just Bella from the Twilight Saga.

Kristen Stewart's performance as Princess Diana in Spencer has been a lot of talk lately, hasn't it? And it's no wonder – after all, the actress' performance in the film was so good that she was even nominated for an Oscar!

For those who are not very connected to Kristen Stewart's career and only know the actress for the role of Bella, in the Twilight Saga, this indication may even seem kind of surprising, right? But in fact, Kristen has had a lot of highly praised performances in several amazing movies before Spencer.

That's why we've brought you a list of 4 of these features so you can get to know the actress's career better – all available on streaming platforms, so you can prepare your popcorn and have a movie at home whenever you want! Check out:

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Panic Room (2002) – HBO Max

This was the actress's first hit, released when she was 11 years old, and her performance has been highly praised since that film.

In the story, Sarah, played by Kristen, and her mother Meg hide in a secret room when three men break into their house looking for something.

However, a problem arises - what the men are looking for is exactly in the room in which the two have hidden. Tense, huh?


Above the Clouds (2014) – Amazon Prime Video

In this film, Kristen plays the personal assistant of an experienced actress who is called to play an older character in a new staging of the play that made her famous. And this feature is really a must for anyone who wants to know the filmography of Kristen Stewart, since it was he who won a C├ęsar (an important French award) for the actress!


Still Alice (2015) – HBO Max

Of course, the star of this film is Julianne Moore, who played a Harvard professor and linguistics expert diagnosed with Alzheimer's and even won an Oscar for her performance. But that's not to say the rest of the cast isn't amazing too!

Thus, Kristen also gets her space to shine in the long, living one of the daughters of the protagonist. Just don't forget to grab your tissues if you're going to see this movie – the story is really exciting!


Does anyone warn? (2020) – HBO Max

We're still far from December, but that doesn't mean you don't want to watch a lighter Christmas romantic comedy, right? In "Anybody Tell?", Kristen plays Abby, a young woman who is invited to meet her girlfriend's parents – however, when she arrives at their house, she discovers that they didn't even know about their relationship.

The film was highly praised for its accurate performances, for its characters, which are quite complex (when compared to other romantic comedies), and for bringing more representation to this genre of films.