Linda Evangelista: What if the Cosmetic procedure goes wrong?


Experts analyze the case of Linda Evangelista and explain that the complication suffered by the supermodel after plastic surgery is rare.

One of the most photographed people in the world, Linda Evangelista decided to isolate herself from the spotlight about 6 years ago. The reason? A procedure gone wrong. The aesthetic intervention in question is called Cool Sculpting, or rather, cryolipolysis — a non-invasive method that cools localized fat cells.

At the time, Linda was aiming for beauty, but she fell victim to a rare and irreversible side effect that only happens in 1% of cases:  the fat increased parts of her body instead of decreasing it. While, today, she says she is dealing with the physical and emotional pain of that outcome.

To People magazine — where she gave an exclusive interview and appeared on the cover of the latest issue — she declared: "I don't want to hide anymore”.

The matter in question soon aroused the debate about aesthetic procedures and their possible (and real!) complications. That's why Alto Astral talked to some experts to better understand the model's case and the dangers of plastic surgery.

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Check it out below:


Linda Evangelista

"Paradoxical adipose hyperplasia is not a common effect after Cool Sculpting, it is a rare and low-incidence complication. It can usually appear one to six months after the procedure", explains dermatologist Fernanda Porphirio about Linda's complication. Evangelist.

The specialist also points out that the effect is reversed to the desired one: there is an increase in adipose tissue in the place that was treated and not the "destruction" of the tissue that was the target of the treatment. However, although the reaction is frightening, there is no way to predict it: "there is no way for us to know before the procedure whether or not a reaction will occur, especially this one. There is nothing in the person's organism or in their body characteristic that indicate that this could happen", emphasizes Fernanda.

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How (try) to avoid complications

According to the dermatologist, some precautions should be taken by patients who wish to undergo cryolipolysis:


·         choose a specialized location;

·         check if the device is CoolSculpting brand ;

·         the application must be done by good professionals, because it follows different steps essential for the success of the procedure;

·         After the performance, a vigorous massage on the site is necessary to drain the tissue.

However, the measures are still not entirely sufficient to avoid the complication, since it cannot be predicted.


Be aware that it can go wrong

"Despite a rare complication, it should always be alerted, because, even if the incidence is not high, it is a complication that generates great discomfort and damages to the patient's mental and emotional health, since it goes completely against what was being sought", reinforces plastic surgeon Claudia Francisco de Oliveira.

That is, regardless of the aesthetic procedure you are going to perform, it is extremely important to be aware of the risks that the technique can bring - even the rarest ones. After all, the result may not be what you wanted and you will need to know how to deal with it.


Is there a solution to the complication?

Claudia explains that, if the reaction happens , the only way to get around the situation is with a new surgery. In these cases, liposuction is indicated to mechanically remove the fat cells that have increased in quantity and volume.

Sources: Fernanda Porphirio, dermatologist specialist in Dermatology and Aesthetics at Clínica Vanité; andClaudia Francisco de Oliveira, plastic surgeon at Clínica Vanité and full member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery (SBCP).