Why is Insurance for People over 65 Necessary?

 When we turn 65, we may find ourselves with a serious inconvenience when hiring health insurance. Many companies do not offer their policies to those above this age, some even lower the limit to 60 years. It is unfair, yes, but there are options that must be taken into account.

This does not happen, for example, with  Cetelem's life insurance for the elderly. We will have the possibility of contracting health insurance for people over 65 years of age, being able to enjoy all the benefits attached. Coverage may include personal assistance services, home assistance or even telepharmacy or maintenance and installation work.

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Specialized health insurance for people over 65

As we have mentioned, it can be a complicated task to find health insurance that fits the reality of someone over 65 years of age. But there are options, and very interesting ones, to be able to access health without going through the process of public services.

When contracting this type of policy, we will find a product adapted to the needs that correspond to this age. Clients often have a broad cadre of specialists at their disposal, with a strong focus on geriatrics. Disciplines such as cardiology, ophthalmology or traumatology and rehabilitation are the most common.

In some cases, you will find this modality with hospitalization included, unlike other policies. The most common is that the company takes care of the patient's expenses, although this system may be subject to copayment and include some type of cadence period.

One of the points to take into account when signing these health insurances is the age of the insured. As you can understand, the older a person is, the higher the price set by the insurer will be. The company will have to dedicate, presumably, more resources to provide proper care and assistance.

Another important aspect that you must understand is that this type of medical insurance is not funeral insurance. It is health insurance like the usual ones, which can open up a range of options when dealing with an illness or injury, and which offers you the best available solutions.

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What to do when you already have insurance and exceed the age limit

It may happen that you have contracted your policy a long time ago and now you have reached the age of 60 or 65 years set by your company. The first thing you should do is talk to them to check the conditions under which your contract will continue. These can vary a lot between different insurers, so set a minimum and ask what coverages will be included now.

There are other companies that, directly, do not renew your policy. Instead, they offer you a specific product according to your age, but with different conditions than the ones you had until now.

Of course, if at the time of reaching the age limit you are being treated for any disease or pathology, the insurer must continue with the treatment even if the stipulated age has been exceeded.