10 Myths and Truths about using Hair Dryer and Flat Iron


10 Myths and Truths about using Hair Dryer and Flat Iron

Do you use a hairdryer and flat iron on your hair often? So, it's better to check if everything they say out there on the subject is really true.

Whether in the beauty salon or at home, the dryer and flat iron are great allies when fixing your hair . Both for drying, modeling and finishing , these tools make hair care much easier . 

But does using them constantly cause any harm to the locks? Or, can they really be used every day? And when the hair is dirty ? Calm down! We demystify (and explain) these and many other issues with the help of expert Laiane Fuentes. Come find out! 

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10 myths and truths about the use of hairdryer and flat iron

1. Before using the dryer, you need to dry the hair with a towel

TRUTH! It is important to remove excess water beforehand to ensure hair health. 

2. Excessive flat iron causes damage to the locks

TRUTH! Excessive use can cause damage in the medium or long term — depending on the frequency — as it causes the wires to overheat. 

3. You can flat iron dirty hair

MYTH! No, no! Although it seems a harmless act, the residues of cream and oil will give that feeling of the wire "frying" when they come into contact with the flat iron. Avoid!

4. Hair needs to be dry to flat iron

TRUTH! It is essential to pre-dry the hair before starting the straightening with the flat iron to avoid burns on the strands. So, take care of the thermal protector and dry it well with the dryer before going to the board, ok?

5. Using a hairdryer every day leaves your hair dull and dry

MYTH! Unlike the flat iron, if you use protectors and ideal care before (and during) using the dryer, you can dry your locks every day without any problem. 

6. The flat iron should be passed slowly to improve the straightening

TRUTH! Although the flat iron must be used by a professional, when using it at home, it is worth taking some care, see? Between them, pass it slowly through the locks. In addition to improving straightening, it also prevents possible burns on the wires. Watch out, huh! 

7. Drying close to the hair is bad

TRUTH! Leaving the equipment at higher temperatures and very close to the hair can, yes, damage the wires. To avoid this, use thermal protector and opt for dryers that have ion protection. 

8. Thermoactivated products are the same as thermal protectors

MYTH! They are different products and they also have different functions! The thermoactivated cosmetic will only be activated under heat, while the protector protects the hair from high temperatures.  

9. Thermal protector is essential before using tools

TRUTH! Responsible for making a silicone film that protects the wires, the protector should not be left out! 

10. Flat ironing damp locks ends the health of the hair

TRUTH! In addition to being very dangerous, the habit also harms hair health. Always dry your hair before flat iron.