6 Aphrodisiac Foods that Increase Sexual Desire

6 aphrodisiac foods that increase sexual desire

Aphrodisiac foods are those that sharpen sex hormones, increasing libido; check what they are

In need of that "little push" in your sex life? So it is! Experiencing low libido is very common, especially if they are linked to physical or psychological factors. However, how about giving that boost by consuming aphrodisiac foods, huh? They act directly on specific hormones aimed at sexual activity. The nutritionist, Dr. Paulo Lessa explains that:

“Some foods, in addition to being healthy, mess with hormone levels, brain chemistry and energy, increasing arousal . Others have a romantic connotation , such as strawberries, chocolate and whipped cream, which can contribute, even if indirectly, to creating the perfect climate to get there.”

Are you curious to know which aphrodisiac foods are used to increase sexual desire? The specialist separated a list with 6. Check it out:

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1. Seafood

According to the nutritionist, several seafoods contain significant amounts of proteins and minerals. These nutrients may be related to sexual disposition and the production of hormones essential for libido , such as testosterone. “Some examples of these foods are oysters, shrimp, lobster and squid,” says Dr. Lessa.

2 - Watermelon

confess! You also thought Harry Styles was just talking about the watermelon taste sweet in " Watermelon Sugar ", right? With a delicious and refreshing taste, the fruit has in its composition bioactive agents that promote greater blood circulation in the genital regions of men and women.

“Therefore, it provides a relaxation of blood vessels and guarantees a high sexual performance, almost like a natural Viagra”, points out the specialist.

3 – Papaya

A great option, especially for the female audience. “Papaya is estrogenic, that is, it has compounds that act like estrogen , a female hormone. Therefore, it can be used to increase a woman's libido,” explains Dr. Lessa.

4 – Chocolate

Chocolate is also one of the aphrodisiac foods and goes well to increase sexual appetite, see? In other words, a little chocolate can help you a lot to get there! “It's a food that contains tryptophan, which helps the body produce serotonin , a natural feel-good chemical that can positively affect sexual arousal. Therefore, the ingredient is often linked to increased libido”, says the doctor.

5 – Mel

Honey is also a great alternative to increase libido in women. “It is a food rich in B vitamins, necessary for the production of testosterone, a substance that helps the body to metabolize estrogen – a female hormone”, she says.

6 - Pepper

According with the doctor. Lessa, the spiciest foods are known as true activators of the body. They increase metabolism, raise the temperature and therefore facilitate orgasm .

“Ingestion of pepper generates reactions in the body, such as perspiration, increased heart rate and blood circulation. This stimulating effect can help with sexual appetite, highlights the professional.

So, did you like the tips? How about increasing the consumption of these foods considered aphrodisiacs to improve libido and increase your mood in bed?!