4 Tips to keep your Face Young and Beautiful

4 Tips to keep your Face Young and Beautiful

If you want to keep your skin young, dermatologists recommend investing in preventive care for your face.

When it comes to beauty, one of the greatest desires of women would undoubtedly be for the fountain of youth to be invented! After all, dealing with skin aging can be quite problematic for some people , and can even affect self- esteem . 

So, even though we are talking about a natural process of life, it is completely normal to always want to be your best version and look for improvements that make you happier. That's why we consulted some skin and beauty experts and gathered 4 valuable tips to rejuvenate your complexion!

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1 — Less is more

Quantity doesn't mean quality and it's good to keep that in mind when skincare! Using too many products with the intention of getting more results can end up harming the skin and causing the opposite effect to what you want.

"The skin responds well to a targeted treatment and not to a very large volume of random products applied without guidance", says dermatologist Paola Pomerantzeff. Thus, it simplifies care keeping only the essentials: wash, moisturize and protect in the morning; clean, rehydrate and treat at night — here, it's worth going with anti-aging products. 

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2 — Strengthen the antioxidant and protective action

The famous antioxidants, in addition to treating blemishes , also potentiate the action of the sunscreen, so it is recommended to use them before applying the sunscreen in the morning. The key is to invest in products that speak to your skin's specific needs and not use too many.

3 — Accelerate skin renewal

" Retinoids are what we call the 'gold standard' for renewing the skin and reducing wrinkles at home. They are derived from vitamin A, so they stimulate cell renewal and increase collagen production, thus reducing the appearance of lines", explains the specialist in aesthetic medicine Roberta Padovan.

Despite knowing that this formula works perfectly against aging, she also emphasizes the importance of looking for a doctor to receive the correct guidelines both on its use and to indicate the best product. 

4 — Aesthetic procedures

When the signs do appear, the treatment can delay its progress or even soften the marks, however, topical products used in isolation will not bring great changes to the current appearance. Thus, depending on the intensity of each case, it is worth thinking about aesthetic procedures.

"An effective way to treat gently and naturally is through Microbotox , which consists of the application of micro-doses of botulinum toxin under the surface of the skin to prevent and smooth expression lines and improve texture without that exaggerated or artificial look" , explains plastic surgeon Beatriz Lassance.