LIVE Formula 1 2022 GP Italy live stream, where to watch today's Sprint


LIVE Formula 1 2022 GP Italy live stream, where to watch today's Sprint

Yesterday's qualifiers brought red flags 3 times due to rain, ie the interruption of qualifications, so the starting results for today's "Sprint" race will be mixed.


Yesterday's qualifiers were interrupted three times, there are obviously great tensions for the Italian race, especially since Ferrari is currently leading at home. The story started to get complicated in Q2 when Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) took off, it was the first red flag. After him, Kevin Magussen (Haas) took off in Q3, and near the end of the qualifications, Lando Norris (McLaren) was in the fence. So in the first starting line will be Max Verstappen (Red Bull) and Charles Leclerc (Ferrari), and in the second two "flyers" Norris and Magnussen, while in the third are Fernando Alonso (Alpine) and Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren).


By the way, the race is run on the legendary Italian Imola, which has existed since 1950, and the first race was run in 1953, and the first Grand Prix in 1980. Today (Saturday) is the first "Sprint" shortened race in the 2022 season - it is a 100-kilometer shortened race, and as the circuit is 4,909 kilometers long, 21 laps should be run. It is important to mention that points are also shared in the Sprint race - a total of 38 points will be divided between the first 8 drivers, with the first getting 8, the second 7, the third 6 and so on. In the "real" race on Sunday, a full 63 laps will be run, which is a total of 309.3 kilometers.

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Here's when and where you can watch today's Sprint and tomorrow's real F1 race:

- 23.04. (Saturday) - 16:30 Formula 1: GP of Italy - Sprint, live race (Sport Club HD)

- 24.04. (Sunday) - 15:00 Formula 1: Italian GP, ​​live race (Sport Klub HD)


You can watch Formula 1 races live via the SportKlub channel and via the F1 TV platform on practically all devices - TVs, smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops, Android TV Boxes and Smart TVs. It costs you 64.99 euros, which you can check for yourself on the official website of Formula 1 .