Free Insurance with the new Car, interested? Tips

Free Insurance with the new Car, interested? Tips

In difficult times for car sales like the one we are going through, dealers manage to offer added value with each car they sell. If they offer you free insurance with the new car

Free new car insurance tips

If the dealership gives away free insurance with your new car for the first one year, first ask questions such as if you are interested, if it is an all-risk, how much is the equivalent insurance worth in an insurer, etc.

Am I interested in buying the car just for the free insurance?

The first thing is to assess whether the operation interests you globally .

For example, if for the purchase of the new car you deliver the old car still insured, think that you can subrogate with the new car in what is left of the premium without consuming the old car ( extorno ). So you're not interested in insurance right now.

What type of insurance do they give me?

Assuming that you may be interested in the operation, ask yourself, what type of insurance do they offer you? All risk, all risk with excess? Third parties? Most likely, they will offer you basic and "bare" insurance.

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Do they give me an all-risk franchise?

If the claim of the dealer for you to buy is an all-risk insurance with excess , what is the excess?

Be careful, because you can be surprised that the gift is with a high franchise. That is to say, if you give a part, the amount of the franchise is borne by you, assuming the insurer what exceeds the franchise (if the loss globally exceeds that amount).

Remember that the lower the franchise, the better for you.

Other hidden obligations?

Ask yourself if there are any other obligations linked to buying the car and obtaining free insurance.  For example, hiring an extra, financing the purchase, etc.

Evaluate the cost in the market of the same insurance

Finally, do not forget to assess the amount of the specific insurance that they offer you if you did it on your own . Surely at another dealer you can get the equivalent discount directly on the price.


If you have all this clear and you are interested, you will have one more argument to buy the car, but obviously, the first thing is if you are interested in that car .