What are the Advantages of using Microcement for Bathroom Renovation?

What are the advantages of using microcement for bathroom renovation?

 The renovation of the bathroom is important to create a new environment, and microcement is one of the best solutions on the market due to the advantages it offers with its application. In addition, it is possible to have a product from a professional company that makes it easy for people to apply microcement on their own.

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Microcement and its advantages

There are many advantages of using the microcement offered by Smartcret , a solution with great popularity in the market, for being able to renovate the bathroom quickly and easily.

Among the advantages offered by the installation of this microcement, the following are the ones that stand out the most.

Ease of application

One of the characteristics of microcement is the ease of its application, allowing users to be the ones who place it in their bathroom, and without having to hire third parties, since the product is prepared and pigmented, ready for use. .

It does not matter if you have experience in its use and application , people will not find it difficult to reform the bathroom of their home by themselves. In addition, it can be applied on any surface, thanks to its high adhesion capacity, so it is not necessary to remove previous materials, such as tiles, plaster, metal or wood.

The coating will take about three days to dry, a very short time compared to other coating solutions.

Increased security and functionality

The application of microcement in the bathroom will completely eliminate the worry of falling when getting out of the shower . It is a material with non-slip property, which is achieved by a special formula or with a certain resin, in order to avoid slipping due to water and humidity. It can be placed on the entire bathroom floor or choose a non-slip shower tray, both options improve safety.

With the application of the correct varnish, microcement becomes a material highly resistant to water and humidity, increasing its useful life in the bathroom. In areas where water can stagnate, special treatment will be needed.

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Easy cleaning and maintenance

An outstanding feature of microcement is the ease of cleaning and maintenance , thanks to this people can save time and effort in keeping their bathroom impeccable.

By not having joints, cleaning the surface of the microcement, whether on the floor, walls or ceiling, is easier, avoiding having to whiten or rub the joints with force.

As it is easy to clean and has no joints, the chances of bacteria or germs proliferating is very low, in this way the bathroom is kept disinfected, preventing it from affecting the well-being of the family.

Thanks to these advantages, this company's microcement is one of the best solutions for home bathroom renovations, as it is versatile, easy to apply and maintain, so it is recommended if you are looking for a quick and cheap renovation. .

How to use microcement?

There are many ways to use microcement in the bathroom, depending on what people want.

The variety of colors and finishes allows this material to adapt to the rest of the decorative elements, the furniture and the bathroom lighting , as well as to the tastes of the clients.

Shelves covered with microcement are a great option to maintain order and have easier access to accessories. In case of having built-in wardrobes, the doors can be covered in the same color as the microcement, to create a broader sensation.

The microcement is also used to make the sink to measure, in this way you can make the most of the available space. The use of a mirror and a suitable point of light are essential to make this piece stand out more.