Success even in Business! 7 Singers Who Are Also Entrepreneurs

Success even in Business! 7 Singers Who Are Also Entrepreneurs


It can sometimes be a little hard to imagine that artists with schedules to fulfill and songs to release still find a break in their tight entrepreneurial schedule. But this is more common than you might think, see?

What he has most today is an artist present in the business world , having even been very successful in both professional activities. That's why we separated 7 singers who are also entrepreneurs, making success on and off the stage. Check out:

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1. Emicida

Yes, Emicida is great on stage! But he also hits too hard out of them in front of the Ghost Lab. This is a company that operates in several areas such as event production, audiovisual and even fashion. Founded in partnership with his brother , the business stands out for its appreciation of black and peripheral culture .


2. Anitta

Even though it's not new to many people, it's always worth highlighting Anitta's work as a businesswoman! After all, for a long time it was the singer herself who managed her own career. 

And the fruits of this hard work as a singer who is also an entrepreneur can be seen when the hit “Envolver” reached Spotify's number one global position . Chic, huh?

But beyond that, Anitta rocks as an entrepreneur. She is head of creativity and innovation at Beats, a brand that is part of Ambev's portfolio, is a member of the board of directors of fintech Nubank and recently assumed the position of partner at Fazenda Futuro , a Brazilian foodtech focused on plant-based meats. She is the real boss!


3. Thiago Brava

The sertanejo universe is also one of the most entrepreneurial, see? And an example of this is the singer Thiago Brava, who is also the manager of Folks Pub, a pub franchise focused on country music . In addition to being a partner, the owner of the hit “Dona Maria” has also been co-director of brand expansion since 2021. And the success is such that, in the year of his arrival in the brand management team, the company earned R $22 million. 

Thiago Brava

4. Preta Gil

Preta Gil is not only part of the team of singers who are also entrepreneurs, but this was also her first profession . At just 20 years old, the singer, actress and presenter founded her first advertising agency, Dueto Filmes.

And even with her career consolidated , Preta did not leave entrepreneurship aside. Currently, she also owns a group specializing in music, entertainment and digital culture, as well as having her own nail polish brand. 

Preta Gil

5. Thiaguinho

You know the meme “Start of a dream / Everything went well”? He can definitely sum up Thiaguinho's life. In 2009, the singer decided to invest in his own publishing company , “Paz & Bem” to manage and administer his works. 

Since then, his life as a businessman has only gotten better. This year, for example, Thiaguinho was featured in Forbes for earning about R$ 2 billion a year as an entrepreneur in the artistic field and manager of his own career. 


6. Ivete Sangalo

Veveta, in addition to being a singer and presenter , is also a businesswoman! Beloved throughout Brazil, Ivete owns several brands and manages her own businesses. Among them is Iessi Music Entertainment, an entertainment group with more than 250 employees and annual revenues of more than R$80 million. Lots of power, right?

Ivete Sangalo

7. Thiago Abravanel

Thiago Abravanel

To close the list of singers who are also entrepreneurs is Abrava. In addition to being a singer and presenter, Thiago Abravanel undertakes in the fashion business , through a brand of comfortable clothes, which can be used on a daily basis or as pajamas.

In addition to fashion, Thiago Abravanel also works in the food market. Since 2020, the singer has been an ambassador and works in the strategic part of Nanica, a bakery founded in 2018, which is focused on banoffe-style pies ( hello, BBB 22 ). 

So, did you enjoy knowing a little more about these artists who have a business life? What surprised you the most on this list?!