Time to Renovate the Kitchen! Here are 5 Tips to make everything Perfect

Architect gives suggestions that will make all the difference in the tastiest corner of the house; Check out ways to renovate the kitchen

There's nothing better than gathering family and friends in the kitchen to get your hands dirty and catch up on the conversation. And for that, the kitchen is the definition of union, warmth and affection, since it is a place full of unforgettable moments for most people, isn't it?

However, precisely for this reason, it is worth thinking about all the details of the kitchen in order to provide a pleasant and functional space, meeting the needs of each family. So, with the help of architect Alessandra Gandolfi, we've put together some tips to help you renovate your kitchen. Check out! 


Kitchen and practicality should always go together. Currently, the market offers several accessories that contribute to the millimetric organization of every corner of this room: from spice organizers, cutlery, pans , planned joinery with drawers, tilting, doors and open drawers, to strategic divisions, built-in garbage, ovens, cooktops and more.

According to Gandolfi, it is always necessary to opt for efficiency. “In addition, it is also essential to use materials that are easy to maintain on a daily basis and that guarantee the safety of the environment, such as non-slippery floors and washable surfaces, for example”, highlights the professional.

Think about surfaces

For every style and need, there is an ideal type of coating to be applied to kitchen tops and countertops. If you prefer optimization and agility, the ideal is ultra-compact surfaces, such as Dekton and Laminatto. In addition to not staining, these synthetic materials are modern and have technology to withstand heat, being extremely resistant and durable.

Quartz and Silestones are some of the hardest minerals found on Earth, that is, they fulfill the expected performance for countertops very well and even offer several colors in smooth tones that dialogue perfectly with the decor.

Granites are also super functional and fulfill the function , they are options that attract for the cost-benefit, however they have a very characteristic aesthetic that may not harmonize with the rest of the project.

For those who want variety, porcelain tile can be a great option. With various prints, textures and finishes, the material has been widely used when covering the countertops, adding practicality to day-to-day cleaning and durability to the project. However, the workforce for this type of application must be well specialized to guarantee the desired result.

Finally, the Marbles that are the least suitable for this type of composition, with the exception of Marble Branco ParanĂ¡. Very similar to Granite in terms of resilience, ParanĂ¡ Marble is a very beautiful material that can be used in kitchens, as long as it is waterproofed.

Spot colors and lighting

For those who love the proposal of a more colorful and striking scenario, the architect's tip is to work the colors in punctual details. “This must be dealt with strategically so as not to clash with the rest of the house, especially if the kitchen is structured in an open concept”, she emphasizes.

In addition, lighting is also undoubtedly the key point of the room! It can change the color of food and even directly influence the well-being of those in the environment, so it is necessary to use a general light that is functional , in addition to specific spots in the countertop area and in the places where meals are prepared. .

In the background, indirect lighting can be created in niches, rips in strategic places in order to generate that pleasant feeling of coziness.

Electronics: technology, connectivity and innovation

As with the whole house, the kitchen also receives a lot of investment in technology, connectivity and innovation. You need to keep in mind the format you want to organize your utensils and appliances .

Whether in an apparent way, leaving them exposed as part of the decor, or stored in specific places. Don't think twice about abusing the immense variety of articles that exist on the market to make your routine easier.

Think of the kitchen as a whole

The accompaniment of an architect is essential so that the expected result can accurately meet all the particularities of each family. With a macro view, this professional sees the whole, delivering better technical, decorative and operational solutions.