Winter is coming! 8 Tips to improve Immunity in the Season


Winter is coming! 8 Tips to improve Immunity in the Season

Low temperatures are a small spoiler of what winter promises, as the coldest season of the year starts next Tuesday (21) . In this sense, nothing better than being able to bundle up, keep warm and also give that gas to improve immunity, after all, the season always brings with it typical diseases.

And the tip applies mainly to the most vulnerable population, such as children and the elderly. Therefore, in addition to always washing your hands and leaving the environment well ventilated, it is worth investing in the tips that infectologist Guilherme Furtado has separated for those who want to boost their immune system. Check out:

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8 tips to improve immunity for winter:

Keep the environment humid: with this attitude, it becomes more difficult for viruses to remain in the air. However, it is important not to exaggerate this measure, since too much humidity favors the emergence of fungi ;

Sleep well: this is a tricky season, as not everyone can get a good night's sleep on cold nights. The big question is that sleeping well is essential to improve immunity, as sleep releases cytokine, an important protein in fighting infections. So, you already know, right? Try to dress up in warm pajamas before bed, as well as several blankets;

Don't forget to drink water: it's difficult to maintain the recommended amount of water on cold days, isn't it? But know that keeping the body hydrated helps to eliminate toxins, in addition to keeping the mucus of the respiratory tract more fluid;

Capriche in food (balanced, of course!): to improve immunity, it is very important that you maintain a healthy and balanced diet. And that includes eating a diet rich in wholegrain ingredients, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. A large part of your immune system is in your digestive tract, so keeping your gut flora healthy and functioning well is essential.

Practice physical activity: when the temperature drops, that laziness hits, right? But it is precisely physical activity that increases blood flow , making white blood cells — the body's defense cells — circulate better through the body. So, to improve immunity, it's important to practice regular exercises, even if lightly, okay?

Spend some time outdoors: being confined can help in the transmission of viruses, especially respiratory ones. Get some fresh air and replenish your vitamin D reserve with the sun, even if it's on the balcony of the apartment or in the backyard;

Avoid stress: your state of mind also affects immunity. Therefore, it is very important that you take care of your mental health. If you are having problems or feel depressed, it is worth seeking medical help;

No alcoholic beverages and cigarettes: these are habits that greatly damage the immune system. While cigarettes suppress the antibodies created by the body to fight the flu virus, alcohol works by dehydrating the body, making your body a conducive environment for the virus. So, it's very important that, to improve immunity, you keep these habits far away!