World No Tobacco Day: 5 Tips to kick the Habit

World No Tobacco Day: 5 tips to kick the habit

Today, May 31st, is World No Tobacco Day; See habits that can help you quit smoking

Created by the World Health Organization ( WHO ), World No Tobacco Day is an important moment to remember and warn about the risks caused by the habit of smoking cigarettes . And, despite the decrease in smokers in Brazil - Vigitel data show that in 2021, only 9.1% of the population smoked, while in 2006, this number was 15.6% - about 22 million people still smoke. 

There are also other relevant data about diseases caused by long-term use of cigarettes. According to the National Cancer Institute (INCA), between 2020 and 2022 it is estimated that at least 30,000 new cases of lung cancer will be identified here in Brazil, including a prevalent disease in men.

The cases are also more frequent in four of the five regions: among them the South, Northeast, Southeast and Midwest. However, anyone who thinks that smoking can only cause lung cancer is wrong. “In addition to lung, liver, pancreas and mouth cancer, there are about 50 diseases linked to smoking , such as osteoporosis, ulcers, cataracts and gum disease”, explains Gabriel Garcez, medical director of Conexa. 

Ways to help smokers get over smoking:

First of all, if you are looking for help to stop smoking, stay in control of the situation and remember: smoking is a disease that needs treatment. That's why it's very important that, when quitting addiction, you also practice these five tips. Check it out below:

Be sure to seek medical help: only this professional will be able to indicate the best treatment and methodology for you to gradually give up smoking. For this, there are several replacement therapies such as nicotine in patches or gums to help you overcome the habit, in addition to a change in routine to avoid relapses;

Look for psychological follow-up: because taking care of mental health is also important! This professional can help you with tools to overcome addiction, in addition to helping you deal with situations such as peer pressure, people smoking close to you, night activities, among others; 

Find activities to replace cigarettes and avoid triggers: you can link healthy activities to the habit of smoking, you know? An example of this is trying to drink a glass of water every time you feel like lighting a cigarette or even doing physical activity. The doctor also recommends putting off routine cigarettes, such as in the morning or after meals to help kick the habit;

Share your achievements with family and friends: by sharing the news about treatment, you find a way to feel motivated and not lose focus. For this, you can count on your friends who encourage you, but you can also participate in support groups;

Keep in mind that withdrawal symptoms pass: yes, quitting smoking is very difficult precisely because nicotine acts on the central nervous system. But you have to be patient, especially regarding withdrawal symptoms. Headache, irritability, sleep disturbance and dizziness usually improve after two weeks of smoking cessation. So, one day at a time, okay?

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No substituting one addiction for another:

It is not difficult to find people out there who have replaced cigarettes with electronic cigarettes , but this habit is as dangerous as the common cigarette. The doctor explains that these devices have nicotine in their composition and are highly addictive. “They are as or more dangerous than the common cigarette, and can cause respiratory diseases such as pulmonary emphysema, in addition to cancer”, concludes the professional.