4 Steps to choose the ideal Vitamin C for your Skin

With antioxidant action, the application of vitamin C is an important stage of skincare, but it needs to be chosen carefully, see? know more

4 steps to choose the ideal vitamin C for your skin

To make a good and complete skincare , not many products are needed. However, some steps are essential, such as cleaning, hydration and sun protection. Among them, however, there is a beneficial and almost mandatory step to take care of the skin: vitamin C! And that goes even in winter, see?

“As well as solar radiation, cold, wind and dry air also cause aggression to our skin , which makes the skin tissue have to work double to be able to protect itself. The result is increased inflammation and oxidative stress with consequent acceleration of the aging process. So, the best way to prevent and fight it is by using antioxidant ingredients, such as Vitamin C”, explains cosmiatrician Ludmila Bonelli, specialist in dermatocosmetics. 

In other words, to keep your skin healthy and beautiful, you need — among other things — to have a vitamin C to call your own! But which one to choose? Are they all the same? Thinking about these doubts, Ludmila delivered a step-by-step guide to choose the ideal product for her skin. Come and see! 

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The type of vitamin C:

Since not all available products are the same, you need to know the best option currently marketed to get skincare right. According to the cosmiatra, “the version encapsulated in biocompatible Organic Silicon permeators, found on cosmetic labels as Ascorbosilane C” is one of the best! In the cold, she guarantees that using it still makes sense due to its moisturizing power — after all, the skin is very dry during the winter. 

Looking at coloring:

Unlike oranges, commonly associated with vitamin C, its topical use is almost transparent, see? So, if you notice any dermocosmetic with an orange color, it's better to run away! The specialist points out that these formulas have dyes, capable of harming the skin and even causing unwanted reactions.

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No citrus scent in this product! “Vitamin C is practically odorless, having no smell. So, when choosing a product, pay attention to the smell, which should not be strong or unpleasant. This is another indication that the product may be oxidized”, warns the professional. 

Association with other assets:

Although the topical use of vitamin C alone is already great for the skin, Ludmila points out that associating it with other substances can enhance its results. In this sense, she highlights Niacinamide . “While Niacinamide works by reducing skin inflammation and preventing melanin from reaching the most superficial layers of skin tissue, Vitamin C inhibits the production of this pigment. Together, these two actives significantly prevent and lighten blemishes ,” she teaches. 

Finally, another very important point when choosing a vitamin C to call your own is to consult a specialist , ok? Even because, there is no one better than him to understand the needs of your skin and prescribe the most suitable cosmetic!