Beyond Netflix! Discover other adaptations of “Rebelde”

 The 'Rebelde' franchise, a hit from the 2000s, includes remakes from various nationalities; check out the main ones

Beyond Netflix! Discover other adaptations of “Rebelde”

The second season of “Rebelde” premiered on Netflix this Wednesday (27). Based on the story of Cris Morena and Dori Media Group , the series follows the journey of teenagers from different social classes in a semi-boarding school, sharing the dilemmas and discoveries of adolescence. And this story crosses generations! Check out the main versions of the teen series below . 

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Rebel Way (Argentina)

“Rebelde Way” was the production that gave rise to the “Rebelde” universe. Conceived by Cris Morena, the mind behind “Chiquititas” and “Floribela”, the telenovela was broadcast between 2002 and 2003, accumulating 315 chapters. The plot had as a backdrop the prestigious Elite Way School and had four main characters: Mía , Manuel , Marizza and Pablo , who formed the band “Erreway” . 

Rebel (Mexico)

If you grew up in the 2000s, you must remember the Mexican version of “Rebelde” , produced by Televisa between 2004 and 2006. In Brazil, the feuilleton was shown by SBT and, unlike the original work, had six protagonists. The sextet Mía , Roberta , Diego , Lupita , Giovanni and Miguel had a huge success with the group RBD . Soon, the band left fiction to become a reference in Latin music.  

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Remix (India)

Shown between 2004 and 2006, the Indian version of “Rebelde” needed to be adapted to Indian culture and customs to be produced. Instead of the iconic Elite Way, the story of “Remix” takes place at Maurya High School , with four protagonists. In the novel, Tia , Anvesha , Yuvi , and Ranveer also formed a band, titled Remix Gang . 

Rebelde Way (Portugal)

More daring than the previous ones, the Portuguese version of “Rebelde Way” was the first to show a nude scene . The plot revolved around Mía , Manuel , Pedro and Lisa , students at Prestige International School , and members of the RBL group . 

Corazon Rebelde (Chile)

Released in 2009, “Corazón Rebelde” had only 80 chapters and stands out for the changes in the history and personality of the characters , but was highly praised by fans of the franchise. 

Rebel (Brazil)

Starring Pedro , Alice , Roberta , Diego , Thomas and Carla , the Brazilian adaptation of “Rebelde” divided opinions during the period it was on air, between March 2011 and October 2012. And, like the other versions, it featured a band called Rebels .