Grandparents Day: 4 Seniors who rock Social Media

 Today is all the old people's day! Celebrate the date having fun and learning a lot with the profiles of these virtual grandparents

Dirce Ferreira, Ary Fontoura

July 26th is the date scheduled to celebrate a very important couple in our lives: grandparents ! These figures have been present since our birth and they keep around only bringing good things, such as affection, pampering, delicious food , tours and much, much learning. 

Currently, however, some grandmothers have decided to drop crochet to venture into the virtual world as a digital influencer in cooking, fashion and even lifestyle. And grandpas? Well, they've been dedicating their time to pumping Instagram  reels .

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Curious? So, check below 4 profiles of old people who are popular on the networks and have a lot to teach us, especially about fun and looking at life always with young eyes!

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1. Dirce Ferreira 

The 74-year-old from Minas calls herself an "elderly digital" and "grandma of the followers", making a reference among grandchildren and followers. On his Instagram profile, Dirce accumulates more than 300 thousand followers and makes several #publis ! Chic, huh? 

2. Ary Fontoura 

The famous 89-year-old actor, in addition to collecting more than 50 soap operas, uses social networks to show a very fun and charismatic side. With more than 4 million followers on Instagram, Ary invests in the most varied themes for content in the reels  and also does some advertising there. What an engagement, huh?!

3. Grandma Izaura Demari 

Model influencers , yes! At 81 years old and with almost 230 thousand followers on Instagram, the grandma exudes style, is always on top of trends and posts beautiful photos of her not-so-basic looks. Mix of prints , lots of accessories and matching clothes is what you'll find there! 

4. Grandparents of Reason 

Going to the universe of videos on Youtube , we find a very special trio! Gilda, Sonia and Helena are in their eighties and nineties and with a friendliness rarely seen around. In the episodes shared on the channel, which already has more than 80,000 subscribers, these superwomen answer questions that internet users send and give out-of-the-box, humorous advice. Without standards and with a lot of intelligence, so are these three friends!