A New Scandal hits the Windsors: Prince Charles received a millionaire donation from the Ben Laden family

 The British media The Sunday Times revealed a report confirming that in 2013 the heir to the throne approved the donation of one million pounds sterling for his charity fund despite the warnings of his advisers

A New Scandal hits the Windsors: Prince Charles received a millionaire donation from the Ben Laden family

LONDON.- Prince Charles is once again the protagonist of a scandal. This Sunday it was announced that in 2013 he accepted a donation of one million pounds sterling (1.19 million dollars) for his charity fund from the family of Osama Bin Laden , the founding terrorist leader of Al Qaeda , assassinated in a American bombing in Pakistan two years earlier, as revealed by The Sunday Times.

The revelation raises questions about the 73-year-old prince's charities, which have been rocked by criminal charges.

Several of his advisers urged Carlos not to accept the donation from the patriarch of the Bakr bin Laden family and his brother Shafiq -half-brothers of the terrorist leader Osama-, according to sources cited by the newspaper.

Carlos' office, called Clarence House, despite warnings, confirmed that there was a donation. He said that the decision to accept the money was made by the organization's board of directors and not Carlos himself, "and all due procedures were carried out to accept this donation."

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The head of the organization, Ian Cheshire, also said that the decision was made "in its entirety" by the five directors at the time and "any attempt to imply otherwise is misleading and inaccurate."

Prince Charles's charity was established in 1979 to "transform lives and create sustainable communities" and provides grants to various projects in Britain and around the world.

Charles, 73, has been involved in several criticisms of his charities. Last month the Sunday Times reported that he accepted $3 million sacks of cash from Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani, the former prime minister of Qatar.

In February, British police launched an investigation into another of Charles's charitable foundations for a cash -for-honours scandal involving a Saudi businessman.

The man, tycoon Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz, had donated large sums to restoration projects of special interest to Carlos.

The Charities Commission, which registers and oversees charities in England and Wales, said in November that it had opened a formal investigation into donations received by Mahfouz's charitable trust for the prince's foundation.

The Prince's Foundation is not regulated by the Charities Commission, but is registered with the Scottish Charities Regulatory Body.

The Scottish body launched its own investigation in September to determine whether the foundation accepted cash from a Russian banker previously convicted of money laundering.