These are the words that if you send by WhatsApp they block your account

The messaging company has terms and conditions of use, which prohibit hate speech and illegal terms

These are the words that if you send by WhatsApp they block your account

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging service in the world and is used by millions of people. This application has conditions that can cost us the deactivation of the account and very few people know what are the words that they should not write through the chats.

WhatsApp , as well as any other app, has terms and conditions that must be respected, as these have legal, authorized and acceptable purposes.

Words that you do not have to write by WhatsApp

WhatsApp's rules of use mention that the words pornography, pedophilia and derived terms imply a sanction , which can be the blocking of the account. Writing threatening, defamatory, obscene, harassing and hate speech is also prohibited .

In addition to these, there are other terms that also violate the rules of this messaging app.

Misleading claims, misstatements, or publication of falsehoods

Sending illegal or inadmissible communications

Infringing the rights of the service

Despite this, a blocked account can be recovered as long as it was temporary. For the messaging tool, it is a punishment and the user will access their account again at the end of the penalty period.

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How to activate the "expiry time" in sent messages?

WhatsApp continues to grow and today it has rolled out a new feature that will allow you to configure several existing temporary chats simultaneously, an option that it began testing a few months ago and that can be easily accessed: click on one of the chats and select several at the same time.

The application introduced temporary chats, which disappear after a certain time (initially 7 days) in November 2020, and a year later, it integrated new options within messages. Among them, a function that allowed users to establish complete conversations with this configuration and with different time limits stood out , since two new durations were presented: 24 hours and 90 days.

Currently, this instant messaging service offers several options to activate temporary messages , both in conversations with another contact and in group conversations. In both cases, they are configured individually, in the section of each chat.

As the company points out in its Help Service, both in individual and group conversations, any of the participants can activate or deactivate temporary messages. However, in the latter, those who administer them can change the settings to allow only administrators to activate or deactivate that option.

WhatsApp also allows you to set this mode for all newly created individual chats , through the Settings or Settings menu , both on iOS and Android.

Some of the latest developments around temporary conversations were revealed in May, when WABetaInfo found that WhatsApp was planning to introduce a tool to select existing conversations and make them temporary despite not having been started in this mode. Then, it was also indicated that this change could be extended to several chats simultaneously since, when clicking on one, the application allowed to select several at the same time.

Now, this same site warned that WhatsApp deploys this latest feature in version of the messaging application for Android, released through the Google Play Beta Program. The new button, located in the Temporary messages section , offers users the opportunity to apply a timer to several chats at the same time.