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3 Easy Chicken Lard Recipes: How to use and Benefits!

 Chicken lard has been used as a natural home remedy to treat flu and cough for a long time. An easily accessible and very effective home remedy.

Many diet systems still continue to present the masses of people with information that fat is extremely harmful not only for beauty but also for the body as a whole.

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3 Easy Chicken Lard Recipes: How to use and benefits

First, there are different fats. Second, they are an integral part of our diet and without them real health problems can start. Today we are going to talk specifically about easy chicken lard recipes.

Find out here if there is at least some benefit to this fat and what it is used for. Generally, chicken lard has been used for generations to treat various ailments, and goes far beyond a simple easy chicken lard recipe.


How is chicken lard used?

From ancient times to the present day, lard is used as a natural remedy. It is considered a product capable of giving strength and quickly restoring the human body after stress or illness.

Despite the presence of a large amount of fatty acids, it is easily absorbed by the body of children and adults, while normalizing digestion, strengthening the heart muscle and stimulating the brain.

In its composition, chicken lard can only be compared with a balanced set of vitamins, minerals and amino acids vitamins E, K, A, and the entire B group.

Magnesium, manganese, copper, iron, potassium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus and most importantly selenium, which is so necessary for the normal functioning and functioning of the liver.

Chicken fat has long been lauded as a fortifying and immunostimulating product that can counteract the effects of stress and prolong the body’s youth. Its regular use will give shine to the hair and shine to the skin, improving the functioning of all systems and organs of the human body.


What are the health benefits of chicken lard?

Chicken fat has a positive effect on the functioning of heart vessels and muscles, without increasing blood pressure.

It refers to dietary products and is easily absorbed by the body.

Unsaturated fatty acids stimulate cholesterol metabolism and skin cell growth, remove inflammatory processes.

The presence of nitrogenous and non-nitrogenous compounds helps regulate digestive processes.

Regular use of chicken lard will serve as a good prevention of varicose veins, atherosclerosis, thrombophlebitis, vitamin deficiency, asthenia and dystrophy.

The chicken product has a positive effect on the synthesis of sex hormones, on the normalization of endocrine processes and on the restoration of cell membranes.

A good effect is observed with malfunctioning of the nervous system and brain function, as well as with early baldness.

If you add chicken lard to the masks, you can notice a smoothing effect, and the skin will be well hydrated and will receive the necessary nutrition.

In hair masks, it is good to use chicken lard in combination with burdock oil, egg yolks, horse fat and onion. The hair will be strong and strong.

A good effect for the hair will come from masks based on chicken lard mixed with orange or cinnamon essential oil.

The presence of oleic acid in large volume contributes to the regulation of metabolic processes. Doctors say it helps women protect their mammary glands from cancer cells. Chicken lard contains vitamin B4, E and D.


Easy Chicken Lard Recipes:

Chicken Lard Recipe:


·         300 g of chicken skin(;)

Preparation mode:

1. Place the leftover chicken and skin in a pan;

2. Cook over low heat, stirring occasionally, until the leftovers process most of their fat and begin to brown;

3. Increase heat to medium.

4. Turn off the heat and let it cool for a few minutes.

5. Strain through a sieve or through cheesecloth or a paper or cloth coffee filter in a heatproof container.


Recipe for Chicken Lard for the Flu:


·         Chicken fat – 250-300 g(;)

·         Chives(;)

·         1 clove of garlic (;)

·         A piece of ginger(;)

·         3 spoons of water(;)


Preparation mode:

1. Place chicken fat slices in the pan;

2. Add water, ginger slices and chives, place on fire;

3. Bring the liquid to a boil, reduce the heat and stir the contents from time to time;

4. When the chicken crackles begin to darken, remove from the heat and strain the melted chicken lard;

5. Let it cool and pour it into a jar with a lid, so that it is more convenient to store in the fridge.


Homemade Chicken Lard Syrup:


·         1 tablespoon of ready-made chicken lard(;)

·         1 onion (;)

·         1 garlic clove (;)

·         Honey to taste(;)

Preparation mode:

1. Put the chicken lard on the fire,

2. Add the onion  and garlic ;

3. Let the ingredients roast until golden;

4. Remove from heat and add honey;

5. Place in a container and wait to cool


What is Chicken Lard?

Chicken lard is a type of natural fat that is extracted from the chicken itself, it is well known for its benefits against flu and respiratory problems. In addition, it is known as a home remedy made by grandmothers, because this remedy has been used for a long time!


What is chicken lard used for?

Generally, chicken lard is known for its benefits to treat the flu, and is also used to relieve problems such as bronchitis, pneumonia and other various problems related to the respiratory system. In addition, it is also widely used for heart health.



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