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6 Tips to Save without Suffering

Many people at some point in their lives need to step on the brakes a little and start saving financially to be able to take a bigger step, or even to pay off a debt.

However, this path is not usually easy, because when it comes to reducing expenses or even not having expenses that are not essential, it becomes a nightmare for many when trying to adapt to a new model of life, in this matter you you will see tips to save without much suffering.


​The first one is very simple, so let’s start with essential things that we can’t cut spending, but we can reduce, and this is the great insight when it comes to putting the brakes on spending.

At home, always avoid the lamps in all the compartments on, the rule is very simple, if you are not in that part of the house, turn off the lights. When bathing, always determine a time to stay with the shower on, not forgetting, whenever you are soaping your body or washing your hair, turn off the shower. This way you will save on energy in the case of electric showers, as the electricity bill is one of the biggest villains of the economy, reducing the use of electronics is also valid.

Set a time limit per day to be in front of the TV, a good way out for this is choosing a good book, so you will have entertainment and also improve your vocabulary and reading. If you are that person who loves to cook, opt for recipes that do not take many hours of cooking, saving gas or electrical equipment when cooking will save you considerably on expenses. Also pay attention to the times you open the fridge, the most recommended thing is to remove everything you need at the moment to avoid opening the door several times in a short period of time.


Research is essential for those who want to save money, before going out and buying a certain product, looking for prices, whether online or even in physical stores, is a great option. The same product can vary from store to store, in most cases, buying online is always cheaper.

Good to remember that prices also vary from brand to brand, so always choose the cheapest brands that are not so popular, big brands usually invest a lot in advertising, this somehow influences the final price. The research may take a little time, between one or two weeks, but this investment will influence your pocket, not to mention that this period will make you think whether or not you should buy that product, as it already avoids an impulse buy.


Having a financial control requires at least planning, it doesn’t have to be something you won’t be able to execute, but simple things like making a shopping list before going to the supermarket. This tip will help you to buy only what you need, avoiding unnecessary expenses, which you often end up comparing just because you saw it in the supermarket, and supermarket owners know that, a strategy used by them is always to put non-essential products on the first shelves and the essential products at the end, so when consumers go through the first shelves they will see products that arouse the desire for consumption, however with a defined shopping list the consumer already goes straight to the shelves where then the necessary products, avoiding that way unnecessary purchases and still saving time,


Exercises cannot be left out, but let’s agree that gym fees end up being an expense that weighs on your pocket, to cut this expense and not lose the benefit of having a healthy life, doing free exercises, such as running outdoors, you will still enjoy the view around, going up and down stairs whenever possible will help you reduce monthly expenses.

But for that you need discipline, set aside an hour of the day to dedicate yourself to a walk, choose a safe place, where people usually go to exercise, in many cities there are parks or even dedicated paths for the practice of exercise, Of course, this tip is for those who are just looking for a healthy life, not for those people who choose the life of “rombeiros” because for this lifestyle, the gym will be essential in gaining muscle mass, since it has several machines with weights that stimulate muscle growth.


Who hasn’t felt great when they bought a product on sale? The feeling of having taken advantage of the purchase makes us even more satisfied with the product. The tip is, always look for promotions, but for objects that you need at the moment, because buying an item for it is only on sale will lead to unnecessary expenses, remember that the promotion is a marketing move by retailers to influence the consumer many times to buy something that they don’t even need, but because it is on sale, they end up taking the product for fear of missing the “opportunity”.

In this case it is necessary not to get carried away by impulse, look for promotions but only take what you really need. Discount coupons are also great when it comes to saving, between a restaurant that offers a discount coupon and another that doesn’t offer any benefits, choose the first option, so you’ll save on the second purchase.


For the pain-free economy you cannot abstain from a moment of leisure, so it is very important to set aside one day a week for your personal enjoyment. With this you will organize yourself and avoid extra expenses, such as going out to eat more than once a week, preparing food during the week is very important to reduce costs, eating out ends up being expensive, because you don’t pay only for food, but also for the waiter service, this also includes the rent of the establishment, in addition, the more comfort the place offers, the more expensive you will pay for the dish. If you love going out to eat, police yourself, and set just one day a week, this way you will reduce expenses, but without suffering so much. This also goes for entertainment trips, like going to the movies, or any kind of amusement park.


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