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9 Amazing Podcasts to get you Started

9 Amazing Podcasts to get you Started

If you’re looking to make your routine more interesting, it’s a great idea to create the habit of listening to podcasts; check the list

It’s not news to anyone that podcasts have won the hearts — and ears — of many people lately. This format of audio content has been gaining more and more space in the lives of internet users, since they are great for optimizing time, being able to be heard while you do everyday activities, such as washing the dishes, walking the dog or even even when doing that neat cleaning in the house .

Also, another advantage of podcasts is that their variety of topics is endless. News, politics, entertainment, interviews, lifestyle, among many others — all these subjects can be covered in different podcasts. 

However, precisely because there are so many options , sometimes it is even difficult to know which podcast to choose to listen to. So, to help you, we’ve put together a list of podcast recommendations on several different subjects (all available on Spotify and, in some cases, on other audio platforms) for you to choose one and enjoy listening to it. Check out: 

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One of the most famous podcasts today, “Café da Manhã” is a partnership between Spotify and Folha de São Paulo. Throughout the episodes, journalists Maurício Meireles, Magê Flores and Bruno Boghossian bring information about Brazil and the world in a clear way, always giving voice to experts who understand the subject they are addressing. From Monday to Friday, the episodes air early in the morning, just for you to listen to while you eat your morning meal.

Sleep with this

Unlike “Café da Manhã”, “Durma Com Essa”, a podcast by the newspaper Nexo, airs in the late afternoon. From Monday to Thursday, the podcast is intended to keep listeners on top of the main news of the day, with journalists and experts ready to keep you informed.



Presented by publicists Juliana Wallauer and Cris Bartis, the podcast consists of an “open chest” chat. In “Nipples”, hot topics are discussed in a light and humorous way – thus, the episodes, which air every Friday, are great for distracting and acquiring knowledge at the same time. 

Wide panties

Original from Spotify, this podcast hosted by Camila Fremder, Tati Bernardi and Helen Ramos discusses sex, motherhood and family . So, the idea of ​​the episodes, which come out every Wednesday, is to talk about the demands that women go through on a daily basis. 


Zero’s English

Do you want to “up” your English ? This podcast can help you! After all, the program, presented by English teacher Jader Lelis, is suitable for people who want a very relaxed and self-taught study. 


To learn how to control your money and hold your pockets, nothing better than this program! It will help you to delve into the financial world and the world of finance in an uncomplicated way. The program airs every week.


In Palma da Mari

“Na Palma da Mari”, presented by journalist Mari Palma, is a podcast that discusses the most varied subjects related to pop and geek culture , such as movies, series, games, books and music. And the most interesting thing is that, in many cases, the presenter (with her guests) manages to relate these themes from the entertainment world to more serious and very important issues for society.

Coffee Selector 

This podcast can be very interesting for those who really like the Harry Potter universe, see? That’s because the idea of ​​”Café Selector” is that, in each episode, some historical or pop culture figures are chosen and the presenters Bia Silveira, Thaissa and Glênis Cardoso must decide which Hogwarts house these people or characters would go to if they were in the Harry Potter’s magical universe. 


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