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Digital Marketing for Beginners: Where to Start?

 Digital Marketing for Beginners: Where to Start?

Globally, people are choosing the Internet as a way to access information, communicate and perform everyday tasks such as shopping and banking. With more than half of the world’s population using the Internet, it’s no surprise that companies are going digital to sell their products and services online, where their consumers are found.

Companies are struggling to leverage digital to connect with customers and continue to market their products online. As more businesses turn online, the demand for digital marketers to undertake online marketing also increases in tandem.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is likely an area of ​​growth right now and a potential career path for many. Many companies may not be hiring right now, and you may be anxious about a job opportunity. Instead of worrying, focus on developing your skills and building your portfolio.

Don’t let the speed of change in digital marketing outweigh your ability to adapt and expand your skills. This is the time for you to brush up on your digital marketing skills and become a potential hire.

Whether you’re a new grad or someone looking to break into the field of digital marketing, here are 3 ways we recommend for you to improve and learn more about digital marketing.

Let’s go through the different steps for learning digital marketing.

Digital marketing learning

If you need to learn about digital marketing, knowing the paths will help you take the first steps in that direction. (Image: Pinterest)

1. Make use of a digital marketing course for beginners

Google and Facebook offer free certified courses. A great way to get started is to use free online resources to learn.

Google’s Skillshop and Facebook’s Blueprint are popular platforms among aspiring digital marketers. Not only are they reputable and credible sources to learn from, but they also offer a huge range of current and up-to-date courses. Plus, you can earn recognized certificates upon completion of lessons!

Let’s take a look at Google Skillshop. It offers key courses for its products such as Google Analytics and Google Ads, which are essential tools used by digital marketing agencies and ad experts today. So, it will be beneficial for you to learn how to use these Google products to their full potential and earn a Google product certification to showcase your expertise to future employers.

Lessons and content are also categorized according to difficulty level, which will make learning easier for a beginner. One thing to note for Google Skillshop certification is that they typically last for 1 year, so you will have to recertify annually. Don’t worry, Google Skillshop will send you reminders to recertify before your certification expires.

Aside from Google’s Skillshop and Facebook’s Blueprint, another favorite learning platform for marketers is Hubspot. You will find on their website, that Hubspot hosts a vast library of free training and online courses. Courses are taught by industry experts that are typically less than 4 hours in length, which also makes learning easy and less time consuming for everyone.

General assembly is another well-known educational website, which is currently offering “Fridays” – a list of free courses aimed at digital marketing beginners. While these are not certifiable courses, they are nonetheless informative introductory courses for anyone looking to enter the field of digital marketing.

There are also paid courses, and there are several options available in the market.

2. Develop hands-on experience in digital marketing

Whether you’re running an Instagram page, writing articles or filming videos, it’s important that you have practical skills in addition to theoretical knowledge.

You may be an avid reader and have a passion for writing. Consider starting a blog and building a list of articles you’d love to share with readers online. You can refer to our guide on ways you can improve your content marketing skills and get some of our copywriting tips. The more you write, the better the content creation will be.

If writing isn’t your strong suit but you enjoy filming and editing videos, you can work on improving your video marketing skill which is also an important skill needed by many businesses these days. It is not necessary to have a professional camera. Start with your smartphone and experiment with different frames and angles. The more you practice, the more familiar you will be with the art of videography.

As you start working on your projects , you are also building your portfolio that will help showcase your best work to your future employer. That way, you will gain a competitive edge over other candidates who don’t have a portfolio because you have real projects to demonstrate your level of knowledge and skills.

3. Find a suitable company and learn digital marketing in action

The best way to learn is still to get hands-on experience through real work. That’s because it’s a chance for you to ask questions, work on real projects and measure the real results of your work.

However, in times when we work from home, this may not be an option just yet. But you should still use the opportunity now to improve your digital marketing skills. Build your portfolio and balance with industry knowledge to make yourself more attractive as a potential control.

When we talk about digital marketing, we refer to everything from copywriting to improving the customer experience through better UI/UX design. There are many fields for you to become an expert in and many ways for you to do so. Be sure to check out the online learning platforms we recommend and get started on your digital marketing journey!

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What is copywriting?

A copywriter writes with the intention of persuading and influencing the audience, the reader, to buy a good or service. They have an innate understanding of human drive and the know-how to influence decision making with words and suggestions. If you enjoy writing, you might consider applying your skills to a copy writing job. In this article, we explore what a copywriter does and how to become one.

Copywriter: what is it?

A copywriter is a person who writes persuasive written content for advertising and marketing online or in print. Copywriters write copy and provide consumers and customers with information about a particular service or product. The three main types of copywriters are:

1. Agency copywriters

Agency copywriters secure a position with an agency that serves multiple clients and will generally be expected to work full-time. You will always complete projects that can be challenging and require creativity to help clients create brand identity.

2. Corporate Copywriters

Corporate copywriters tend to have more job stability and will write for the products or services offered only by the specific corporation they work for. These positions are typically more consistent on the subject and require less creativity.

3. Freelance Copywriters

Freelance copywriting offers the greatest amount of freedom in terms of subject matter, project type, and time commitment. The schedule is highly flexible and freelance writers can commit to as many or more jobs as possible.

Professional copywriter

The copywriter is a professional who works in marketing, mainly with advertising writing and strategies to convince the public. (Image: Pinterest)

What does a copywriter do?

Copywriters are focused on writing engaging content to be distributed across multiple mediums. Copywriting is a form of persuasive writing designed to educate, engage and entice audiences to purchase goods or services immediately or in the future.

A copywriter will take a client’s summary or advertising plan and generate ideas to get the attention of the target audience. As a copywriter, you must pay close attention to detail and choice of words, or diction. When writing copy, every piece is intentional and every word has a function.

Copywriters are expected to produce error-free or near-error content to help marketing and simplify product branding by creating an effective brand identity. Copywriters typically work on several different projects at once and must be skilled at multitasking. Some additional copywriter tasks may include writing content for:


Direct mail parts

Campaigns and Media Catalogs

Press releases


Advertising flyers.

Radio ads

Television plugs and social media ads

How much does a copywriter make?

A copywriter’s salary potential can vary based on time commitment, availability, experience, educational background, and project requirements demands and timeline. A copywriter with a history of creating copy that helps increase revenue for clients can earn more.

The average salary for a full-time copywriter is between 2 and 3 minimum wages per month for a beginner. But the values ​​go up considerably when you start earning percentages from launches .


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