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How to Choose the Ideal Stool for your Home?

How to Choose the Ideal Stool for your Home?

Architects give tips and suggestions for using the stool in different environments

Versatile, functional and beautiful, stools are not new, they are also an excellent choice to add grace to the decor . But the right choice must consider some important aspects, such as sizes, frequency of use and the environment of the house. Here, we help you get the most out of this piece and create special scenarios with tips from architects Bianca Tedesco and Viviane Sakumoto.

First, it is worth understanding what to consider when choosing. According to the duo, considering the frequency of use and even the size of the bench that will receive them is very important. “Stools with a backrest are more comfortable, for example, being the ideal option for longer stays. A simple tip to get the height right is to think that the seat of a stool should always be 25 cm lower than the bench ”, explain the professionals.

The size of the bench also indicates the number of stools needed, in order for the person to feel comfortable, so the ideal is to have a space of at least 60 cm, with a distance of 25 cm between one stool and another. 

The stools can be found in the most diverse materials, colors, materials and design. See the options we’ve mined to help you assemble your project.

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Wooden stool:

In addition to the impeccable design, it is a versatile material that can be used in the kitchen or in the gourmet area. Of course, it all depends on how the house is decorated and how often you use it. 

Stainless steel stool

These are cheaper and easier to find. They can be perfect for the kitchen, especially in apartments. They are comfortable and easy to keep clean.

Fiber stool 

They add even more value to the decoration and give a special touch, making the environment more sophisticated. They are also great ideas for beach environments.

Synthetic leather 

stool This stool can be used to give a touch of sophistication and comfort. 


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