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Makeup Tips to Look Younger in Minutes

 No need for botox or scalpel to look 5 or 10 years younger. Sometimes you just need to know how to wear makeup. The do’s and don’ts to look young.

How to wear makeup to look younger? Wrinkles, the marks of time, are inevitable: but they also tell of your smiles, your hardships, your joys… They are part of your personality and part of your charm! However, it is also quite normal to want to erase the signs of the years a little. And for that, you just need to know how to show off! So to master the “do’s” and “don’ts” of anti-aging makeup, follow the guide!.

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Look younger: you just need to know how to wear makeup properly

Here are some simple tricks to hide small imperfections due to age. Of course, you can also make an appointment at a beauty salon, to observe the products, colors and gestures used by the beautician, and reproduce them at home for a make-up that will make you look younger. But here are some very useful tips.

Anti-aging makeup tip n°1 :

Apply foundation with a brush to reduce wrinkles. The brush makes it possible to smooth the skin – which is less so with age. It thus ensures a very uniform finish without the overload of material. The result is immediately natural.

Anti-aging make-up tip n°2 :

Use a cream blush. The cream gives a fresh and beautifully shiny look to the cheekbones. Like a baby. For the anti-wrinkle trick, we favor warm shades, more pinkish than orange, and we apply it on the rounded cheeks. Especially high to avoid digging or tiring the lines.

Anti-aging makeup tip #3 :

Choose skin tones. Soft, nude tones soften time-hardened features. This anti-wrinkle advice is also valid for the hands. It is better to give preference to varnishes with light, beige or pink shades. Of course, your skin will be all the more beautiful as you sleep well. Sleep is the first beauty product!

Anti-aging makeup tip n°4 :

Darken your eyebrow line. To refresh the look, darken the eyebrows which tend to lighten. Epilate to open the eye and redraw the upper line of the eyebrow with an eyeshadow of the same tone or a pencil. Knowing how to make up can be learned! We do not neglect the hair, and we choose a good shampoo.

Make-up to look younger, tip n°5:

Massage before applying make-up. We draw circles on the face by applying our moisturizer. A tip for putting on make-up that activates blood circulation, restores color and relaxes the features. And who therefore rejuvenates them.

But there are also anti-wrinkle tips on practices to avoid. Here is the rest of our list of tips for looking younger with makeup: with that, you’re ready!

Make-up to look younger, things to avoid: Spread foundation all over your face. Avoid freezing your face under three millimeters of foundation. It’s mama. Apply the material to the center of the face and gently stretch towards the hairline. We must unify without overloading.

Make-up to look younger, the things to avoid: Opt for a pearly make-up. To be banned absolutely. Small shiny particles nestle in fine lines. As a result, they attract light to the small furrows. And we only see the wrinkles.

Make-up to look younger, things to avoid: Using a day cream that is too rich. A cream that is too rich prevents makeup from penetrating into the skin. And therefore to appear natural. As a result, the foundation or the powder slide towards the wrinkles and accentuate them.

Make-up to look younger, things to avoid: use a matte lipstick. The matte hardens the features and shrinks the lips. To look younger, it is better to “pulp up” your mouth with satiny materials and soft shades. And of course, we give ourselves a beautiful smile with an effective toothpaste

Applying make-up to look younger, things to avoid: applying mascara to the lower lashes. Anything that pulls the lines down is to be banned. Mascara on the lower lashes plumbs the eye. Plus, it creates a shadow that brings out dark circles and wrinkles.

Soft, light and above all natural: this is the secret of make-up that rejuvenates. And even if you are still young at 35, 55, or even 75, these recipes are valid at any age!

And you, what are your little tricks to look younger when you wear makeup?


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