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Telegram vs WhatsApp: Premium, Price, News and Advantages

On 08/14, the Telegram messaging app turned nine years old and, having surpassed 700 million users, launched its Premium version. Tricks and cons with WhatsApp.

Since August 2013, Telegram has offered an online calling and messaging service created by Russian brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov. Telegram is a self-funded and open source platform that has much more advanced features than its main competitor, Whatsapp .

Open source is a software model that works in free collaboration. It is based on practical benefits (access to source code) and on ethical questions about the freedom of the network, which stand out among free software.

Telegram is one of the five most downloaded apps in the world with more than 700 million users. With an infinite number of channels to join, community sticker packs or different useful bots as tools for everyday life.

The first feature that convinced many users was the secret chats with end-to-end encryption. They leave no trace on the servers because they are not part of the cloud; those chats can only be accessed from the original devices. The details are even better, because in secret chats messages cannot be forwarded and self-destruct, providing more security for consumers.


Telegram Premium

Nine years after its launch, and having reached 700 million users, Telegram launched its premium version. It allows you to access the Telegram emoji platform , send animated emojis in chats, be able to customize emojis ; Telegram Premium subscription can also be gifted, and there were updates to voicemail privacy .

Telegram Premium is priced at 5.49 euros per month . Among the advantages of Telegram Premium is the extension of the size of the files up to 4 GB , twice the size of the regular version. A detail that excited users was the transcription of audio to text , for those who cannot or do not want to listen to voice notes. Premium users will have a brand on their profile picture that will differentiate them. You can also customize the app logo on the home screen .

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Differences with WhatsApp

The fight between Telegram and WhatsApp has been going on for years, some users believe that the green phone application always runs behind the updates and learns from Telegram. While others believe that the popularity of WhatsApp is not compared to the paper plane; which is objectively true since by 2021 the Meta messaging application had 2,000 million users. Both applications are very useful for different things, it depends on the objective of the consumer. While in Telegram you can send files of up to 1.5 GB and edit sent messages; In WhatsApp you can make calls and video calls from the application of up to eight people, it also includes ‘states’ (such as Instagram stories and other Meta applications) that are deleted after 24 hours. Telegram on the other hand allows groups of 200,000 users, while Whatsapp only allows 256.


Telegram vs. WhatsApp

Regarding the usefulness of the applications, businesses or entrepreneurs repeatedly choose to do it through WhatsApp. The WhatsApp Business version is dedicated exclusively to being a work tool, with the option of automatic messages, shortcuts to have pre-written messages, catalog in the application, website in the profile, among other functions. On the other hand, Telegram has useful auto- installed bots , which allow the sending of information such as the weather or news articles. You can also set custom reminders, play music, and create to-do lists.


How to transfer Stickers between Telegram and WhatsApp

Install Sticker Maker, to create stickers. Enter Telegram and look in the magnifying glass at the top right, the bot @tgtowabot (Telegram to Whatsapp bot). In the chat, start the conversation and the bot will ask you to send the stickers you want to pass to WhatsApp. The bot replies with a file to download in the chat, and when opening the file it must be done with the Sticker Maker app. Within the application you have to click ‘Add in Library’ and they are added in WhatsApp. Those who access Telegram Premium will have ten custom emoji packs, with more than 500 special emojis, and more to come. In any case, those who do not have Premium will also be able to see the animated emojis. The GIFs section is also updated and now has many more high-quality GIFs.


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