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Tips for choosing the Best Shower for Home


Tips for choosing the Best Shower for Home

Know what to consider when investing in a new shower

Everyone likes a warm, relaxing bath after a day at work, right? And, for this experience to be even better enjoyed, it is essential to pay close attention when buying or changing the shower.

However, many people don’t know which are the features that should be taken into account when choosing a shower for your bathroom . Therefore, we brought some tips from the architects Danielle Dantas and Paula Passos about this:

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Shower or shower?

First, you need to know the difference between a shower and a shower , so you know which one to choose for your home. While the shower has its own heating system, using electricity, the shower needs the water to be heated externally, by a gas system or sunlight. Therefore, it is necessary to verify that the house or apartment has the appropriate structure for this.

In electric showers, which are more common, the water fall is vertical and there is less pressure and intensity. The showers, on the other hand, have a more inclined fall, in addition to more comfort because of the greater pressure.

In addition, gas models consume less electricity , but use more water because they take longer to heat up. Solar, in turn, offer sustainability and are more economical when the building allows the use of this system. “We believe that the ideal, in a residence, is to have showers with a gas pass system and at least one electric shower, in case the heater fails. Thus, the hot bath is still guaranteed!”, says Paula.

Shower power

Another aspect that you should consider when choosing a shower is its power , which indicates the ability of the device to heat water in a given time.

In the case of apartments or houses in which the installation projects consider only the option of an electric shower, the architects explain the need to carry out a calculation that considers a maximum power for the showers, which can be 5500w, 6800w, 7500w and 7800w . “This information is essential, because when buying a shower with a power higher than that calculated, the wiring may overheat and the circuit breakers may fail”, adds Paula. It is also worth remembering that the more powerful the shower and the longer it stays on, the greater the consumption of electricity.

Wall or ceiling?

Showers can be placed on the wall or on the shower ceiling , and each of these types of models is better for certain cases. Wall-mounted showers, for example, which are the most common, are generally used when the hydraulic piping is already built into the wall, while ceiling-mounted models have the advantage that they can be placed centrally in the shower , but will need a plaster lining to hide the piping.

What to consider?

Some other features should also be noted before purchase. See some of them below:

The pressure and flow of water depend a lot on the shower and your property. Therefore, it is necessary to think about them and invest in a shower or shower that is compatible with what you want or need.

Always look for reliable and recognized brands in the market and keep an eye on the manufacturer’s warranty period.

Cleanliness and durability are also essential, see? In addition to the external part of the piece, it is important to check the cleanliness of the spreaders, since there are already self-cleaning models that prevent clogging of the water outlets.

It is essential to choose a quality, functional shower that adapts to the needs of residents. Also, the aesthetics and design need to be compatible with the rest of the project.

Also pay attention to the shower voltage (110V or 220V), remembering that 220V showers heat up more. However, do not forget to be careful with high energy consumption, especially in winter.

There are several types of shower jets — more concentrated, massaging, wall-directed jets, nebulizing or cascading jets, for example. So, you can choose the type you like best.


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