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What is Copywriting?

What is Copywriting?

A copywriter writes with the intention of persuading and influencing the audience, the reader, to buy a good or service. They have an innate understanding of human drive and the know-how to influence decision making with words and suggestions. If you enjoy writing, you might consider applying your skills to a copy writing job. In this article, we explore what a copywriter does and how to become one.

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Copywriter: what is it?

A copywriter is a person who writes persuasive written content for online or print advertising and marketing. Copywriters write copy and provide consumers and customers with information about a particular service or product. The three main types of copywriters are:


1. Agency copywriters

Agency copywriters secure a position with an agency that serves multiple clients and will generally be expected to work full-time. You will always complete projects that can be challenging and require creativity to help clients create brand identity.


2. Corporate Copywriters

Corporate copywriters tend to have more job stability and will write for the products or services offered only by the specific corporation they work for. These positions are typically more consistent on the subject and require less creativity.


3. Freelance Copywriters

Freelance copywriting offers the greatest amount of freedom in terms of subject matter, project type, and time commitment. The schedule is highly flexible and freelance writers can commit to as many or more jobs as possible.


Professional copywriter

The copywriter is a professional who works in marketing, mainly with advertising writing and strategies to convince the public. (Image: Pinterest)


What does a copywriter do?

Copywriters are focused on writing engaging content to be distributed across multiple mediums. Copywriting is a form of persuasive writing designed to educate, engage, and entice audiences to purchase goods or services immediately or in the future.

A copywriter will take a client’s summary or advertising plan and generate ideas to get the attention of the target audience. As a copywriter, you must pay close attention to detail and choice of words, or diction. When writing copy, every piece is intentional and every word has a function.

Copywriters are expected to produce error-free or near-error content to help marketing and simplify product branding by creating an effective brand identity. Copywriters typically work on several different projects at once and must be skilled at multitasking. Some additional copywriter tasks may include writing content for:

·         Emails.

·         Direct mail parts

·         Campaigns and Media Catalogs

·         Press releases

·         Billboards.

·         Advertising flyers.

·         Radio ads

·         Television plugs and social media ads

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How much does a copywriter make?

A copywriter’s salary potential can vary based on commitment time, availability, experience, educational background, and project requirements demands and schedule. A copywriter with a history of creating copy that helps increase revenue for clients can earn more.

The average salary for a full-time copywriter is between 2 and 3 minimum wages per month for a beginner. But the values ​​go up considerably when you start earning percentages from launches .


How to be a copywriter?

Whether you’re an agency, corporate writer, or freelancer, these are some core qualities you’ll use in your career:


1. Writing skills

The act of writing copy is a recursive process. You don’t have to be an accomplished writer to get started, but practicing daily will help you refine your writing skills and improve over time.


2. Inquisitive nature

Writing effective copy requires some background research on your topic and audience focus. Having a naturally curious mind and wanting to learn new things can make this career a challenging and exciting choice.


3. Detail oriented

You will need to be able to evaluate your work from an objective perspective. You will need to scan your work for edits, looking for correct grammar, spelling and punctuation, and proofreading to ensure a quality piece.


4. Communication skills

You use these skills to understand others clearly and to be understood completely. They will help you assert yourself and position yourself as an authority on writing copy. Listening attentively to your clients, interpreting their vision and writing so that all goals aim to require excellent verbal and written communication skills.


5. Creativity

Being able to see things from a new perspective is a unique skill.


Copywriting tips

Seasoned and novice copywriters thrive on organizing and rearranging words and images to manipulate an audience’s perspective and emotion for persuasive purposes. Some copywriting tips to keep in mind are:

Set a word limit and write short paragraphs. Keeping information summarized and chunked in sections helps the reader to absorb it methodically and improves retention of information.

Write concise and direct sentences. Using an active voice with strong verbs will help the writing flow and increase reading fluency for your audience.

Use subtitles. The use of subheadings improves readability, making information visually appealing and easy to scan. This helps the reader find the information they are looking for quickly and easily.

Include facts. Statistical and quantifiable information gives the logical resource of your information.

Choose fonts with purpose. You want the fonts to be easy to understand and see, but also to add aesthetic appeal to your creation. You must communicate visually what the piece communicates verbally. Every decision that a copywriter has a purpose and should be working towards an overall and cohesive goal.

Use everyday language. Using everyday language is all-inclusive and keeps information accessible to a wide audience. The more people your copy reaches, the better your customer’s interests are served.


Requirements for a copywriter

Copywriting is a skill that can be honed with practice and time. While the requirements for being a copywriter vary widely from position to position, some common ones are:

·         Write, read, edit and proofread

·         Effective search skills

·         Strong ability to manage time and organize

·         Online content awareness and various marketing strategies

·         Experience with search engine optimization (SEO)

·         Degree in writing, English literature, marketing, business management or related field

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Step by step to become a copywriter

As with any occupation, there is no singular path to achieving your desired career, however there are some basics to success. Copywriting doesn’t require a degree, but an educational background in journalism, marketing, marketing research, or writing can help make you more marketable. Here are some tips for becoming a copywriter:

·         Understand copywriting basics.

·         Be aware of why industries use copywriters.

·         Identify and establish your niche.

·         Create a portfolio.

·         Learn the market and learn how to conquer yourself.


1. Understand Copywriting Basics

Being an effective copywriter is about more than following basic instructions or writing information clearly. Copywriting implies a deep understanding of customer needs and human psychology. It requires the ability to capture the audience’s attention quickly and effectively by arranging words, images and call-to-action elements in an attractive way.


2. Be aware of why industries use copywriters

Part of an effective marketing plan is knowing your target audience. Understanding the reasons why people hire copywriters allows you to advertise for those needs at a basic level. Companies, businesses and other organizations are forced to create a lot of original content to erase the interests of customers.


3. Identify and Establish Your Niche

Establish yourself for a clientele that sees what you know. This will help you establish credibility as a copywriter in a specific area and maximize results. For example, if you like to travel, you might focus on writing for travel blogs or similar publications.


4. Create a portfolio

A copywriting portfolio, also known as a “minimum viable portfolio (MVP)”, consists of sampling jobs targeted at a client’s interests. An MVP is a carefully constructed writing sample of your work, about 200-400 words in length and provides a concrete representation of the quality of writing you offer your clients.

It’s brief, but it should aim for the accuracy and efficiency of the qualities your potential employer is interested in, and it includes the specific choice of word to convey your message.


5. Learn the market and learn how to make a name for yourself

One of the goals of a copywriter is the ability to retain, attract, and win new customers for their clients through language, image placement, and persuasion. A copywriter needs to understand the fundamentals of advertising to advertise and protect their clients.

Marketing strategies, product placement, target audience, brand identity, branding and brand identity for you as a copywriter should be incorporated into your own strategy to gain clients by pursuing your skills.


How to get clients for copywriting?

For beginning and experienced copywriters, getting clients is a focus. Here are four methods you can use to attract customers.


1. Cold audience

A cold field is an email or series of emails to a target audience of potential customers, convincing them to secure your services. You want to introduce yourself, explain your services and details how you can help your business or organization.

Finally, you can invite them to take action by contacting you or linking to part of your work. This is where you could include your portfolio. Cold pitching is a straightforward method of contacting potential customers and can help you establish a relationship with your audience and potential customers.


2. Job Ads

Many job boards are updated daily and are an effective way to see a large number of opportunities. This method allows you to choose which opportunities interest you and get you some promising leads.


3. References

This is a strong growth marketing tactic. Once you have gained some experience, ask your clients if they would consider referring others to you, or even writing a review for you and your work. This form of word-of-mouth marketing is highly effective in attracting new customers.


4. Social networking platforms

Advertising your services on social media platforms is a quick way to gain exposure. Provide consistent information and make sure that what you offer is useful information, rather than mere advertising, people can engage. You want to attract attention, showcase your skills, and establish yourself as an expert.


FAQs for becoming a copywriter

Here’s a list of questions you might have while pursuing a career as a copywriter:


Is online copywriting the same as general writing?

Online writing and general writing are two different content. The aspect that distinguishes them is primarily the purpose of writing that drives content and style. Copywriting is persuasive, can be informative, and is promotional in nature to draw in an audience .


Do I need to be a great writer to get started?

You need a basic understanding of grammar, spelling, proofreading, and sentence structure (syntax), but your writing experience may be minimal to begin with. You must enjoy the writing process and the challenge of attracting an audience with your copywriting words. Through the writing process, you will work to create high-quality content to meet a specific need.


What types of writing do I need to know?

Copywriters can receive an array of different requests. You may be asked to write blogs, web content, social media posts, advertising copy, creative writing or web content. However, clients will regularly provide you with a guide, and you will work in unison with editors who help focus content and format.


What type of copywriting is the best?

The right type of copywriting will differ based on your personality, career goals, and work preferences. Freelance writing offers flexibility and convenience, but it can be a challenge in terms of consistency.

If you haven’t built a following on social media platforms, or if you’re just starting out, it can take some time to build an audience and create a viable source of income. With a passion for writing and determination, you can find yourself successfully freelance writing for your chosen topics.

However, if you are looking for a career in an office with advancement potential, you may benefit from a position as an agency or corporate copywriter.

Doubts? Leave your questions in the comments and we will help you in your career!


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